The Top 5 Best Gym Bags for Crossfit in 2018 – 2019


Crossfit gym bags are the favorite of most trainers because that is what gives them much convenience in carrying their gears to the gym every day. However, selecting the best Crossfit gym bag for your budget is a complicated issue. So, we have done the research for you, taking into consideration all the pre-requisites/preambles of getting the best Crossfit gym bag for the budget. These bags we are going to list out here are durable, premium, and built with tough materials.

Also, we picked the ones that will serve for everyday usage with useful pockets and comfortable grips/handles. So, if you are looking for the best Crossfit gym bag, this article is just for you. Relax and read through this professional list.

5 Best Gym Bag for Crossfit

1. King Kong Original Nylon Gym Bag

One of the important requirements of a Crossfit gym back is to contain everything you need to get on the go to the gym. The King Kong Original Nylon Gym Bag is a heavy-duty duffel bag with massive capacity to store all your gears. It is designed with extremely toughened materials for maximum durability of the bag. You are freely open to lots of compartments on this large capacity gym duffel bag which flaunts a fully waterproof body.

King Kong Original Nylon Gym Bag is suitable for use in any weather condition because of its strong build. Designed with Military Spec Nylon, Heavy Duty Steel Buckles, and 1000D Water-resistant body material, we are certain that this Crossfit gym bag will last forever.

There are several compartments and pockets available on this bag including a side mesh pocket to hold up your water bottles. Also, you get two individual shoe compartments for keeping off your dirty shoes or wet gears after training.

Features of the bag

Tough hardware

This Crossfit gym bag is built with reliable hardware; heavy-duty steel buckles and #10 YKK zippers. These add up to ensure the maximum last-longing use of the bag.

Dual individual shoe compartments

The two separate shoe compartments allow you to shoe two pairs of sports canvas or sneakers. It can contain other types of shoes anyway.

Mesh pockets

There is a side mesh pocket available at on side of the bag for holding up water bottles and its likes. Also, there are other mesh pockets inside the compartments for storing valuables.

Multi-functional pockets and compartments

You’ll meet a lot of useful compartments all over the body of this Crossfit gym bag. These pocket/compartments are large enough to contain various sizes of important pieces of gym equipment.


  • Rugged design
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Dual shoe compartments
  • Reliable straps/handles


  • It is expensive

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2. Chicmoda Duffel Backpack

This backpack is also a Crossfit gym bag for use in this recent time. It appears to be a durable bag that you can rely on for everyday use. The capacity is quite big enough that it can contain all your gears and shoes. One of the best reasons people prefer this convertible backpack is due to its flexibility and organized compartments; every of your stuff gets a comfortable space to stay.

The Chicmoda Duffel Backpack is made from a superior 150D special featured material; it is fully waterproof and can be used in any weather condition. Its capacity is about 32L which is quite big enough to contain all your gears. This bag is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

An adjustable clip and padded strap provide you with multiple styles of carrying the bag. Alternatively, either of the side compartments can serve as a shoe pocket for storing your shoes before or after training.

Features of the bag

Backpack convertible

The dual top handle straps are designed in a way that allows you to carry the bag convenient at your bag as a backpack.

Multiple pockets

There are tons of useful pockets on this bag. A side mesh pocket is available to hold up water bottles for all-day hydration purpose. Also, this Crossfit gym bag features 2 side pockets which one can serve as a shoe pocket.

Waterproof body

Also, this bag has a well waterproof body that prevents splashes or raindrops from penetrating into the bag and wet your dry gears.


  • Creative design concept
  • Big size duffel bag
  • Waterproof body build
  • Flexible handles/straps


  • Only two colors are available
  • Cheap zippers

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3. AmazonBasics Sports Duffel

With so many colors of this bag readily available on Amazon store, both male and female trainers would love this Crossfit gym bag. The direct manufacturer is Amazon and it is made from a 100% polyester material with expert finish touches; so, we know it is going to last long.

This is a compatible gym duffel bag with 60L capacity; with this capacity, you’ll be able to pack all your gears at once for everyday use.  The bottom of the bag is designed with an abrasion-resistant material; it won’t scratch one bit even when dropped on rough surfaces.

Multiple compartments surround the body of this bag, providing the owner with lots of space to store all valuables and pieces of gym equipment. Either of the side compartments can serve as your shoe pocket for storing dirty shoes or wet gears. The AmazonBasics Sports Duffel is a classic option for beginners and professionals seeking to get a new Crossfit gym bag for daily use.

Features of the bag

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Comfortable Carrying

The adjustable, padded shoulder strap allows for the convenient carrying of the bag; either as a slung-over shoulder bag or across the chest. There is also a padded top handle for quick/easy grab and go.

Durable Design and Build

Ruggedly designed with superior, abrasion-resistant bottom, this duffel bag stands up to everyday use. It moves along with you from home to locker or playing field and back again.

Multiple colors

There are about 8 colors of the bag available and the colors are all unique. Male and females can comfortably choose their preferred colors.

Big size duffel bag

Due to the large capacity, this gym bag keeps your gears well organized/arranged. Also, the availability of various pockets makes it easier to locate your stuffs. An exterior mesh pocket holds up your water bottles while interior zippered pocket holds up your cell phone or keys.


  • Premium design
  • Comfortable to carry about
  • Multiple universal pockets
  • Solid base
  • Built with strong materials


  • Not water resistant
  • There is no wet/dry pocket for storing wet gears after gym

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4. EleSac Canvas Style Duffel Bag

From the start to finish of this gym bag, it appears sleek. This is a premium bag for all trainers who visit the gym every day. The pockets are quite spacious to contain all your gears at once, perfect for new trainers and professional/hardcore trainers.

There are up to 6 colors of the bag available on Amazon store. EleSac Canvas Style Duffel Bag is elegantly built for fashion lovers and features a permeable shoe compartment. It is made from 100% polyester material with a thick padded body for maximum durability. Furthermore, it flaunts a stylish chic water-resistant canvas style external body with an accessory pocket.

It is quite unfortunate that there are no many pockets seen on the body of this gym bag. However, the main compartment has enough space to contain all your sports gears at once. A dedicated shoe pouch is made available for keeping out dirty shoes or wet wears.

Features of the bag

Fashionable design

This gym duffel bag is stylishly designed to serve for various uses. Many people love stylish bags, the EleSac Canvas Style Duffel Bag is simply portable and stylish.

Separate shoe pouch

A separate shoe pouch is visibly located at one corner of the bag. This is where you can store your wet towels or dirty shoes after gym. It also vented to maintain fresh air within the bag.

Padded shoulder strap

The shoulder strap has a soft, flexible padding for comfortable carrying of the bag. It is also detachable for great convenience.


  • Fashionable design
  • High-grade polyester material
  • Multiple colors
  • Exterior shoe pocket


  • No padding on the top handle straps

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5. INOXTO Fitness Gym Bag

Although not really a big capacity gym bag, this compatible duffel gym bag is best for trainers who love portable Crossfit bags. The material is breathable, 100% waterproof, with anti-scratch technology. You could use this bag for various purposes due to its compatible design. It has a separate shoe pocket for storing your shoes before and after gym.

Features of the bag

Compact design

This Crossfit gym bag is built to be very portable and lightweight. It can fit into any provided storage space.

Convenient shoe pocket

There an exterior shoe compartment at one side of the bag where you can keep your shoes. This area is breathable and spacious enough to contain any pair of shoes.

Reliable material and build

The material used in making this bag is reliable; strong stitches, sturdy zippers, and well-organized pockets.


  • Solid design
  • Waterproof material
  • Multiple colors


  • It is very small
  • The handles are not reliable

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