The Top 3 Best Gym Bags for Kickboxing for the Money


For a kick boxer, nothing is as important as a top quality gym bag which can contain all kickboxing gears at once. But, it can be really tricky to point out the very best gym bag for kickboxing on a budget; hence, articles like this one are being created to provide you with the top choices you can confidently buy.

Here on this list are three (3) top best high-end gym bags you can buy on a budget for kickboxing purpose. However, they can also serve for other intentions like weekend travels or the likes. These gym bags on this list are handpicked by experts on the field. They are durable, sophisticated, and with large capacity storage.

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Best Gym Bag for Kickboxing on a Budget

1. Elite Sports Warrior Boxing Gym Duffel Bag

This professional gym bag is designed specifically for kickboxers; it is made with robust materials that can withstand anything to ensure the bag lasts over a long period of time. The Elite Sports Warrior Boxing Gym Duffel Bag is available in different colors and three (3) sizes. There are quite a lot of compartments on this gym bag where you can save all your kickboxing gears separately.

Also, this is a free backpack convertible gym back which incorporates a side mesh pocket with waterproof lining that allows airflow to & fro the bag.  A purposely separate shoe pouch halts the undesirable spread of bacteria to the rest of the bag as it stores your dirty shoe separately within its fanatical compartment.

Features of the gym duffel bag

Robust materials

The Elite Sports Warrior Boxing Gym Duffel Bag features a heavy-duty Cordura (high-grade ballistic 1200D) coating; it will definitely stand against anything or weather condition. Also, the zippers are very strong & reliable, they’d never disappoint even on a rough usage of the bag. Stitches appear to be reliable too. Nothing will be able to wear or tear this gym bag, even if it is used every day; it has fortifications that assure of long-lasting use.

A gym bag for everyone

Since there are variable sizes (small, medium, large); everyone would get a perfect size that suits him/her. This bag has roomy compartments where you can conveniently store your various gears including mesh pockets for holding up little items or water bottles.

Also, you could convert this to a comfy backpack for easy carrying; it has multi-functional haul straps that allow for this conversion. Elite made this bag in a way it could contain all your martial arts gears in one packing plus your clothes and other important items.


  • Water resistant with reinforced stitching
  • Heavy-duty hardware would last longer
  • Multiple useful pockets available
  • Backpack convertible gym duffel bag
  • More than one color and sizes available


  • Flimsy straps may disappoint you too soon
  • The overall design doesn’t look attractive

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2. Fairtex Gym Bag

Fairtex is not a popular name in the market anyways, but this gym bag from the brand is making it out in a grand style. This is a perfect gym backpack for kickboxing, Muay Thai or other similar raid activities; it can comfortably contain all the gears you need at once. The bag is built in a fancy, attractive manner that would certainly draw the attention of many, plus, it is available in more than 4 colors.

However, there is just one size of this bag available. The manufacturer is in Thailand but this bag available for everyone through Amazon online store.

Features of this kickboxing gym bag

Quality, fancy design

It appears quite fancy yet featuring sturdy setups. Generally, the bag is built with a Heavy-duty nylon fabric, very tough and classic. The twin top handles are well girded to the bag with tough stitches for optimal durability. Also, a removable shoulder strap is available for more flexibility in carrying the bag. Two fancy mesh pockets are available by the sides for holding up water bottles or other little gears. You will find many useful pockets on this bags which have big storage capacities. A quite long compartment that covers the whole bottom serves as a shoe pouch for dirty shoes or wet/sweaty gears.

Rip-stop material

The nylon fabric used in designing this bag is very sturdy with a rip-stop mechanism. This adds up to make the bag last longer and be of great value for your money spent. Fairtex’s Gym Bag will not tear even when it is being put to action daily. Also, the rip-stop mechanism prevents scratches so the bag’s beauty will not die off.


  • A gym that can contain everything at once
  • Multiple colors
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Durable materials
  • Various useful pockets


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  • The zippers look cheap
  • Just one size available

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3. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack

Not only duffel bags are the best, but some backpacks also tend to be better anyway. They are usually more comfortable to carry about or use daily than just duffel bags. This is a sturdy backpack with great capabilities; it is spacious enough to contain all kickboxing items. There are pockets all over the bag and it is fully waterproof, packed with robust hardware for long-lasting use. You will get a separate pouch to store you belt separately so other gears can fit into place in the main compartment.

For every beginner or professional kickboxer, this is a suitable backpack that provides unmatched convenience for everyday training purpose.

Features of this bag

Compatible yet roomy

Certainly, the bag is very compatible, it fits into any purpose; serves as a carry-on flight bag or a convenient backpack for everyday use. The compatibility notwithstanding, this bag is also spacious enough to contain all your daily training gears perfectly.

The various pockets available on this bag make it possible to store up things in different place for quick access when you need them; side zippered pouch holds up water bottles for all-day hydration. Your device (a tablet or smartphone) has a separate comfortable pocket where it will be safe until you’re done with the day’s training.

Tough materials build up

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack features heavy-duty zippers that would never disappoint at any time. The stitches are really tough and the whole bag is designed with robust fabric materials. It is available in grey & black colors.


  • Very much compatible but yet roomy enough for all kickboxing gears
  • Built with tough materials & hardwares
  • Dedicated sweaty GI pocket
  • Waterproof gym bag
  • Dual zippered sides pockets for water bottles


  • Only one size is available
  • Will not fit in for other purposes asides kickboxing

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Buying guide: why/How we picked the top 3 best gym bag for kickboxing on a budget


Anyone on a certain budget is definitely price-conscious. Therefore, we narrowed our search & selection to budget gym bags everyone can easily afford without breaking the bank. However, to get the best gym bag for kickboxing on a budget you should have a financial plan not less than $35 if you really need the best. Extremely cheap bags come with flimsy hardware which wouldn’t last over long use.

Materials used

It is very important to note the strength of the material used to design a gym bag; the tougher the material, the longer the bag would last. With that said, we ensured that these 3 products here are made with the best materials the industry has to offer. Also, the stitching of these bags are reinforced for the maximum durability of the bags. With full assurance, we are certain that these listed gym bags would still be effective over the years.

The Best gym bag for kickboxing

We know that it is not all gym bags are suitable for kickboxers; even though most gym bags are pretty tough, they may not be comfortable for a martial arts trainer. Therefore, we keened to the purpose so that this list is made up with only the gym bags for kickboxers or other trainers of similar cause.

Unlike other sports or athletic activities, a separate shoe pouch is not a landmark for knowing the finest kickboxer’s gym bag. The most important consideration is on the toughness of the materials used.

Lots of pockets

Yeah, many kickboxers attest that they need to keep most of their gears separate for quicker access to them. In the light of that, it means the best gym bag for this cause should have a lot of pockets all over.


This is one of the most import factors to consider when shopping for any gym bag, not just for this purpose. Nowadays, no one wants bulky stuffs; compatible accessories are the trend now. Certainly, you won’t like to buy an oversize bag because you can’t move comfortably with it.

Editors pick

Here’s our honest pick for the best gym bag for kickboxing on a budget – the Elite Sports Warrior Boxing Gym Duffel Bag; it is rated above the other two bags both on Amazon and by professionals in the field. Elite Sports Warrior Boxing Gym Duffel Bag comes with more color options, includes more compartments and provides more convenience. As a matter of fact, it is easy to convert it to become a backpack if that is what you want.

Not to belittle the other bags on this list, they are also very good; Fairtex Gym Bag is roomier and appears more sturdier than the Elite Sports Warrior.

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