The Top 3 Best Gym Bags for Commuters on a Budget


Is your current commuter gym bag not serving you well as supposed? Check out our Best Gym Bag for Commuters on a Budget. We understand that commuters are always on the road at all times, so, we have provided this professional list to help every traveler on a budget. Obviously, there are many bags one can get to pack his tidings while going out or making a travel. But, when you use the right bag you’ll feel relaxed all through the while you’ll be on the go.

Moving on to a new camp or traveling to a place on train, bus, car, or airplane? One important thing to move with is a commuter bag. Commuter gym bags are very flexible; they offer unmatched convenience to anyone putting them on. Compared to other gym bags or most carry-ons, these travelers bags are not so very big in size, but, they are roomy enough to contain all your basic traveling gears: a laptop, pair of pants (trousers), T-shirts & polo’s, and some other little important gears. Also, for the everyday sportsman who loves simple stuffs, these commuter gym bags will blend to what they need.

A lot of these commuter bags are available in various marketplaces, both online and offline. Therefore, it will be very difficult for anyone to spot the best gym bag for commuters on a budget price. Nevertheless, in this article are the top best 3 commuter gyms bags you can buy for yourself and use every day.

Backpacks are preferred as the best gym bag for commuters on a budget price; they can serve for various purposes like biking, hiking, going for workout practices, hunting, etc. Simply strap the bag on your back and get going for the whole day. These gym bags for commuters have large storage capacity so it contains almost all the gears you need for a quick travel, weekend travel or everyday sports activity.

The best gym bag for commuters on a budget price

So here are the best picks from experts; these bags have been singled out of the numerous ones you could find in the various store. The long-lasting/durability of these bags is sure as they are built with tough materials for the purpose of long-lasting coverage.

1. SwissGear Commuter Backpack

Well, this list is not available in any hierarchy but the SwissGear Travel ScanSmart Backpack is taking the first slot on this listing. It is premium backpack made to serve to lots of purposes; whether you’re a travel, sports or gym aficionado, this will certainly serve for any of these perfectly. Also, the manufacturer SwissGear is renowned when it comes to top gym bag manufacturers. This SwissGear Commuter Backpack is really tough, being made from sturdy materials that will stand any environment or weather condition. It is equally not very expensive, although some may still say it is. You’ll get enough space for every gear you’ll be moving along with when you’ve got this commuter gym bag.

Features of SwissGear Commuter Backpack

Advanced SmartScan tech

This gym bag for commuters includes a ScanSmart lay-flat technology, perfect for supreme in laptop-in-case TSA scanning for portable PC’s up to 17-inch in size. Best for quick bag scanning in airports, a very good/helpful feature for sportsmen who travel with airplanes.

Organized main compartment

You’ll find a roomy, well-partitioned compartment where you can store all your commuting gears comfortably. There are mesh pockets available for holding up little gears like earbuds/earphones, charger cables/cords, and similar gears.

Also, there are other pockets on this bag so you can organize all your stuffs in a way that you’ll reach them quickly when you need any.

Comfort carrying

As a backpack, it has two comfortable straps that hold the bag steady to your bag in a way that you’ll feel comfortable putting on the bag for a whole day. These shoulder straps are ergonomic with mesh fabric design and sweat-resistant mechanism for all-day comfort.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Roomy main compartment
  • Solid hardwares: buckles, zippers, etc.
  • Multiple colors to choose from


  • The material does not look premium
  • Only one size is available

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2. Hynes Eagle 28L Aurora Convertible Backpack

This is a verified travel carry-on convertible backpack; it is one of the best gym bag for commuters on a budgeted price. The Hynes Eagle 28L Aurora Convertible Backpack looks premium, features heavy-duty hardwares, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth when dusty or dirty. Having a 28L main compartment, it will definitely contain anything you’d need for commuting to a place.

Not only is this a compatible gym bag for commuters, but it also fits the maximum size allowance of many budget airlines not excluding United Airlines, IATA airlines, AA, etc.

Features of Hynes Eagle 28L Aurora Convertible Backpack

Dedicated laptop/tablet compartment

There is separate pocket specifically made for holding up your laptop or tablet device. This compartment is suitable to accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop/tablet. It is designed with soft-padded foam that will prevent your device from scratch & bumps.

Very big main compartment

The main compartment is very big so it has a mesh divider for proper arrangement of your gears. It is roomy for everyday tiding needed for 2-5 days commute. Also, a medium zipper pocket is available for holding more gears you may need to access quickly. Your clothes will never wrinkle when you pack them in properly inside the variously available zipper compartments on this bag.

Smart convertible
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You can easily carry this bag in various styles; it includes replaceable accessories & straps that allow for the smart conversion of the bag into duffel gym bag, hand luggage, briefcase or a shoulder messenger bag. The traditional backpack handles can be hidden in a zippered pocket while choosing another carrying style.


  • Premium design
  • Multiple mature colors available
  • Compatible and lightweight carry-on commuters gym bag
  • Flexible accessories
  • Offers various carrying styles


  • The available colors are similar
  • Only one size is available

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3. Gonex Updated 35L Commuters Backpack

Here is a waterproof gym bag for commuters on a budget. Honestly, it does not cost much yet provides you with a 35L space to store your stuffs. It is a compatible commuting gym bag for everyday use shaped with an aluminum frame bar which can be adjusted further to fit the exact contour of your back.

Features of Gonex Updated 35L Commuters Backpack

Rain cover available

Even though the bag is made with water repellent materials, it includes a free rain cover for quality assurance that your gears won’t be affected by a downpour. This rain cover is available at the bottom of the backpack.

Multiple roomy pockets

Whether you’re going to call it a pocket or compartment, the Gonex Updated 35L Commuters Backpack has quite a lot of roomy partitions where you could store your commuting gears. However, the main compartment is very big that it can contain everything needed for a week-long commute.

Convenient carrying

The shoulder straps provide much comfort to everyone wearing this bag. They are also adjustable, just in case you still need to make it fit your comfort.


  • Waistband zipper pouch for quick access to your smartphone (5.5inches max)
  • Multiple sweet colors
  • Comfy & soft sandwich mesh fabric
  • Solid hardwares, premium design
  • Water resistant commuting gym bag
  • Free rain cover available


  • There is a similar variant of this bag with low features, you will hardly detect which is the actual one

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What to look for in the best gym bag for commuters on a budget

The best gym bag for commuters on a budget should be roomy enough to contain all their gears at a go. With that said, you should look out for the following features when looking out for a commuting gym bag you’d find worthy of your budgeted price.

  • Big size compartment
  • Quick access pockets
  • Large capacity yet compatible; it should also serve as a carry-on gym bag for flight commutes
  • Quality material build

How to choose the best gym bag for commuters on a budget

It is really difficult to choose or point out the best product among many similar products. In the same way, it is almost impossible to pick out the best gym bag for commuters on a budget. However, the clues below might help you choose a worthy commuters gym bag.

  • Read up expert listing articles like this one
  • Check for other customer reviews about the bag
  • Define the purpose which the bag is going to serve for
  • Compare prices and brands

Which is the best gym bag for commuters on a budget?

There are three commuting gym bags listed in this article as the top best commuters’ gym bags. However, we recommend/honor the Hynes Eagle 28L Aurora Convertible Backpack as the best gym bag for commuters on a budget. This is because it is a versatile backpack available in multiple colors and featuring many useful pockets plus accessories. It is also not very expensive, a kind of gym bag every commuter would love to own.


Out of the profuse gym bags for commuters, these three pointed out in this article are the best you can get for yourself. They are no expensive, come with roomy compartments, separate laptop/tablet pouch, and feature attractive designs.

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