Best Rated Women Gym Bags Every Female Should Have


For one reason or the other everyone needs a premium gym bag. They are available in different sizes and colors which makes them suitable for everyone (men & women). Like the title of this article points out – this post is specifically meant for ladies who need the best gym bags in the market. These bags are not just the best gym bag for females, but also, they are the best-rated gym bag by user reviews online. Therefore, with rapt confidence, we concur and present to you the best-rated women gym bags every female should have. We are certain that these gym bags will offer unmatched value for the money spent to get them. However, they are not pricey per say, so, it’s evident that anyone reading this list can buy any of them without breaking the bank.

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Best Rated Women Gym Bags Every Female Should Have

The best gym bags are not pricey, yet they are not cheap per say. So, where do they fall in on a budget? Check our reviews below.

1. Vooray Burner Compact Gym Bag for Women

All ladies are going to love this bag indeed, it is completely compatible yet roomy enough to contain all the kits you need for everyday training/outing. The bag is available in multiple flower colors; the colors are so fancy because it is believed that women love flashy, fancy stuffs. This gym bag will perfectly fit in to be used for versatile purposes, plus, it can be carried in many styles. Most especially, the bag is not very expensive and the materials used in the making seem to be much reliable. Also, the bottom is an airborne waterproof base; therefore, even if you drop the bag on a damp floor, water/wetness cannot penetrate into it.

Features of this gym bag

Beautiful designs

There are various beautiful designs of this female gym bag available; so, every lady can make a better choice by choosing her choice color/design. All variants of this gym bag feature flowered designs that are really attractive.

Useful pockets/compartments

On this bag, apart from the large capacity main compartment, there are also other useful pockets for holding up gears. A separate shoe compartment is available so you can keep off dirty shoes or wet/sweaty wears after use. Furthermore, there are multi-functional little pockets inside the main compartment and an end mesh pocket at the exterior for holding up water bottles or creams.

Reliable handles and shoulder strap

The haul handles on this bag are made very strong from a sturdy material and the stitching is simply perfect. Additionally, there is a removable shoulder strap available too; you can easily attach or detach this strap to provide you great comfort while carrying the bag.


  • Porous side shoe pocket
  • Leather magnetic haul handles
  • Water repellant hard-shell base (Airborne)
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Mesh water bottle pocket and a side padded fax fur for mobile devices
  • Multiple color designs


  • Only one size is available
  • The shoulder strap buckles are cheap, may disappoint at any time

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2. ECOSUSI Travel Duffle Bag

This gym bag is not only meant for commuters, but it can also serve for other stuff too. It is fancy, decent-looking, a compatible gym bag for women; the favorite of many high-class ladies. The bag is made of water repellent fabric which stops water/rain from penetrating into the bag; this makes the bag suitable to be used in different weather conditions.

Also, you can use this bag for short cross-country travels of 2 days or over the weekend commutes. It has a flexible padded shoulder strap for a satchel or cross-body carrying style. There are 4 metal studs on the base area to the tote off direct contact with the ground. You can’t think of another ultra-compatible female gym other than this.

Features of the bag

Smooth solid hardwares

It features smooth hardcore zippers. Also, gold-plated buckles fasten the detachable shoulder strap to the bag when you need it.

Sturdy materials

The body is made from a water-repellent nylon fabric with a smooth coating (3 different colors). You either choose the black color variant or the red color variant. Even so, you could still want this beige color variant. This gym bag comes with twin unreal leather handles that are actually comfortable to hold on to. Likewise, the shoulder strap is visibly sturdy and won’t disappoint anytime soon.

Compatible yet roomy

Even though this gym is completely compatible so you can use it for several purposes, it is equally spacious enough to contain everything you need for daily training/exercise or quick travels.


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  • Different colors available
  • Made with water-resistant nylon fabric
  • Soft Velcro pocket for mobile gadgets
  • Perfect for high-taste ladies
  • Removable shoulder strap


  • Only one size is available
  • The size is still small for some purposes

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3. The Friendly Swede Duffel bag with Backpack Straps

Although there are many colors of this bag available, you’ll be limited to pick only certain colors due to the sizes. This gym bag is available in 3 popular sizes; small, medium, and large. Therefore, depending on the number of items you move along with every day, you’ll be able to choose a perfect size that won’t seem bulky. Also, the bag can be carried as a backpack and the materials used to build it up are very tough/premium. A limited 3-year warranty support is attached to this bag when you buy from verified retailers. Generally, the design looks stylish & attractive, not only women would love this, men would crave for it too.

Features of the bag

Seamless backpack convertible

With the provided dual backpack straps, you can painlessly carry this bag as a backpack. It is even more comfortable to carry this gym bag as a backpack rather than a messenger bag or duffel.

Large capacity (variable sizes)

There are three different sizes of this gym bag. However, each has a large capacity main compartment that can contain all your gears at once. Also, you get other zipper interior pockets for holding up valuable or little useful items you may need for an outing or travel.

High-class design

It seems this bag is specifically for taste-driven women who really know what they want. This gym bag is made with a 500-denier clean PVC Tarpaulin; it is absolutely free of Phthalates and BPA. The bag further boasts of a durable, waterproof fabric design which assures of the long-lasting usage of this bag.


  • The adjustable backpack straps can also be removed when not needed and re-attached when needed.
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Soft-padded handles/straps
  • Heavy-duty, waterproof fabric design


  • It is quite pricey
  • The backpack straps may disappoint when you need it most

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Buying guide: How we picked the best rated women gym bags every female should have

This guide will help shop for the best gym bag of your choice. We also followed these clues to discover these bags we have on this list.


Obviously, unlike men, women love fancy stuffs. Therefore, we seek out for the beautiful gym bags that would appear to every woman. A well-designed, beautiful gym bag sold at an inexpensive price is a great choice and a solid option every female should shop for. Women gym bags with the best ratings inline are the most beautiful ones anyway.


In terms of rating, average-priced and low-priced gym bags tend to have the highest ratings. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s more negative ratings than positive ones. But, we ensured that these bags on our list have the highest positive ratings online from different customers. As a matter of fact, they all exceed 4.0 star average Amazon customer ratings with higher percentage of positive comments.


The best gym bag to have is a gym bag that could serve for many reasons. That means, it should be suitable for travel purposes, sports training, fitness training, and other daily outdoor causes. A gym bag meant to serve a specific is not a great choice although it may have higher rating.


Before a bag would have lots of positive ratings online, it must have lasted over a long time for the current users who had reviewed/rated it equitably. However, the durability of gym bags lies mostly on the strength/originality of the material used. These best rated women gym bags every female should have are well durable.


Surely, you should check out the capacity of a bag before paying for it. Otherwise, you may end up with a gym bag that won’t contain your gears or an oversized gym bag that would seem bulky for everyday use. This is why gym bags with different size options are considered the best.

Editor’s top pick

Although these three bags on our list are really spectacular, best for women to use every day, we are selecting the Vooray Burner Compact Gym Bag as our best choice. It is fancier, has more color options, and even includes a separate shoe storage pouch. Also, it is very compatible and built with original materials that would not fail too soon.

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