The 5 Small Gym Duffel Bags for Male and Female


Compatible sports duffel bags are the favorite of many owing to the fact that they can be easily kept/stored at any given space. Small gym duffel bags are not only favorable because of their compact size, but they are also affordable yet pack premium features for everyday usage.

Picking out the best small gym duffel bag is not as easy as you may imagine. There are tons of them available in various stores and getting the very best one(s) is a complicated issue. Therefore, we have decided to run the search and list out the best small duffel gym bags for male and female.

The 5 Small Gym Duffel Bags for Male and Female

1. Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag

Quality lies in the name Adidas. So, when we saw the name, we knew this would definitely be a great gym bag for everyday usage. In line with our prediction, the Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag didn’t disappoint but rather proves to be a decent compatible bag suitable for versatile purposes. The appearance of this bag is spectacular; being clothed with a solid shiny Polyester Nylon fabric, it is built to resist rip, wear, or tear.

There are several colors of this bag, more than 20 of them and many sizes too. So, if you’re not comfortable with this size, you can opt-in for a slightly bigger one or the biggest depending on the expected usage. The Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag comes with up to four (4) external zippered compartments and an easy access mesh pocket to hold up water bottles or other little gears.

Also, there is a side pocket that acts as a shoe compartment for keeping out your dirty shoes after gym or wet clothes. This area is vented for this purpose.

Features of the bag

Reliable material

This bag is made from a reliable polyester fabric. The bottom is designed with a hydro shield water-resistant technology.

Comfortable to carry about

Both the top handle straps and the removable shoulder strap are padded to offer great convenience to anyone carrying the bag.

Tons of pockets

Even though it is not a heavy-duty gym bag, it features quite a lot of functional pockets for storing your gears. An external mesh pocket is available to hold up water bottles and keep you hydrated all day long.

Shoe compartment

The shoe compartment area is permeable so that fresh air penetrates into the bag to dry up your sweaty gears or dirty shoes. This will help to maintain fresh/good smell in all compartments of the bag.


  • Variety of colors to pick from
  • Compatible design
  • Sturdy build
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Strong zippers


  • The whole body is not waterproof

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2. WolfWarriorX WWX Gym Bag

You will be able to choose from 8 different colors the one that you love most. This small gym bag flaunts a premium design that can be associated with men more than women. But it is still a good gym duffel bag for both genders anyway. It comes with quite a good number of pockets so you can enough stuff into the bag at once.

The WolfWarriorX WWX Gym Bag looks sturdy, built with a strong material that will not fail anytime soon; 600 High-Density Polyester. This bag will certainly serve for everyday usage without disappointing the owner.

Double top handle straps are readily available so that everyone can carry the bag with much ease. Also, there is a detachable shoulder strap for who would want to wear this gym bag as a shoulder bag.

Features of the bag

Separate shoe compartment

There is a staunch shoe pocket available on this bag. This is a place you can comfortably store your shoes before or after the gym. It is quite big enough to contain any pair of shoes.

Good pockets

This bag has a good number of zippered pockets that hold all your gears in place. An internal mesh pocket is available to hold up some valuables. Other pockets are available on the external body and they are protected with zippers.

Multiple colors

About eight (8) different colors of the WolfWarriorX WWX Gym Bag are available on Amazon store. You’d definitely find a color you love.


  • Perfect size for people looking out for compatible gym bags
  • Great design concept
  • Separate shoe compartment


  • Flimsy zippers
  • The handles look cheap

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3. Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag

You will be missing the separate shoe compartment feature if this is the bag you wish to buy. However, the compatibility of this duffel bag is second to none. It is also available in various colors and includes an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum convenience while carrying the bag. The Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag looks fashionable/stylish and women are the most likely people to fall in love with this bag. It is a great choice for the trainer who does not exchange his/her dirty shoes with a new one after gym; because there is no external pocket to store dirty shoes and wet towels.

This gym bag is made from 100% polyester material with a shiny finish that glitters like silver from a far view. It is built to serve for many purposes and not just for the gym. All your gears are safe in the zippered top-loading main compartment which is visibly the only compartment/pocket available on the bag.

Features of the bag

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Top-loading main compartment

This is only space available on this bag for you to pack all your gears. It is very big but can contain:

  1. A pair of shoes
  2. Two workout clothes
  3. A laptop
  4. An addition cloth
  5. And your little valuables

The Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag offers about 3 different carrying styles. However, the shoulder strap is not padded, only the dual top handles are with padding at the middle.


  • Best price
  • Variety of colors
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • It is not waterproof
  • The zippers and buckles look cheap
  • No shoe compartment or external pockets

Check price on Amazon

4. FANCYOUT Foldable Sports Gym Bag

Featuring so many useful pockets and compartments, the FANCYOUT Foldable Gym Bag is the best small gym duffel bag. Both male and female can rock this bag comfortably with all their gears in place. It is a reliable gym duffle bag for everyday use and it can be stored in any available space – thanks to the foldable technology. Most interestingly, this bag is available in 6 different colors so that everyone has a choice to pick up the most suitable unit for themselves.

There are about 8 individual compartments available on this bag aside from the main compartment. Definitely, all your stuff will get comfortable spaces where they will stay; inner mesh pockets are there to hold up little valuables like keys and the likes. A side pocket shoe compartment is also available so you can keep off your dirty shoes after the gym or workout.

The material of this bag is high-quality, designed to resist tear, wear, and water. You can confidently use this gym duffle bag at any time in any condition.

Features of the bag

Variety of pockets

You gain access to lots of useful pockets all over this bag surface with the convenient shoe compartment adding up for great flexibility.

Lightweight design

This gym bag weighs 1.1 lbs. It’s very easy to fold it up into a small pouch for storage and whenever you’re using the bag again, it is easy to unfold.

Water resistance

The FANCYOUT gym duffle bag is built to resist water penetration into the bag. This now allows you to wash the bag peradventure it gets dirty.


  • Multiple pockets design
  • Separate shoe pouch
  • Padded handle and shoulder straps
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Large internal mesh pocket for storing laptops
  • External water bottle mesh pocket


  • Cheap zippers

Check price on Amazon

5. MIER Small Gym Bag

This is a great bag with a compact design that anyone who sees it would love it. The MIER Small Gym Bag is only available in three colors: Rose Pink, Pink, and Blue. It is sold at a very cheap amount and appears to be a reliable gym duffel bag for everyday usage.

Also, there is a roomy ventilated shoe compartment where you can keep off your dirty shoes and sweaty wears so they don’t litter the other clean stuff. Tiny air holes surround the shoe’s pouch to maintain good smell within the bag.

Features of the bag

Roomy shoe pouch

This area is built to contain any size/type of sports shoe. It is well vented so the bad odor and smells do not stay in the bag.

Large pockets/compartments

The compartments are very spacious. You can pack all your basic gym stuffs at once with great convenience and comfort.

Flexible carriage

The double top handles are padded at the center for ergonomic grip. Also, the detachable shoulder strap has padding at the center.

High-Grade material

Although is sold at a cheap price, the material is trustworthy and reliable. This gym bag is made from a high-grade, tear and water resistant nylon fabric.


  • Comfortable carriage straps
  • Sturdy design
  • Good price
  • Side mesh pocket and separate shoe compartment


  • Poor stitching

What More?

We carefully narrowed down our research for the best small gym bag and found these 5 products worthy of any amount you spend to get them.

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