The Top 3 Best Gym Bags for Jiu Jitsu, MMA on Budget


To get the most out of Jiu Jitsu training you need to move with a roomy gym bag that can contain all your gears at once. Going for Jiu Jitsu training every day requires a very tough bag because it is a tough exercise on its own. Both professionals and amateur trainers upvote these bags we are about to list in this post on various online platforms. Delightedly, we dig the internet for some time now to get out these three bags. So, we are very confident labeling each of them as the overall best gym bag for Jiu Jitsu on a budget.

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Carefully read through our list, you’ll be glad you did, we assure of that.

Here are Your Top 3 Best Gym Bags for Jiu Jitsu, MMA on Budget

You’ll see three different bags on this list. These bags are specifically made for the purpose of Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Taekwondo or other similar training.

1. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack

Just in case you don’t want to move with a big bag or probably you don’t usually go to training with many gears, then, this backpack is a perfect option. It is inexpensive; anyone can easily get it to be his/her own, afterward carry it along when coming for daily training. The Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack is specifically for Jiu Jitsu as you can detect from its name. interestingly, it is available in two colors and there are dedicated compartments for each jiu jitsu gear.

Furthermore, the bag is made with a waterproof material so you can use it irrespective of the weather condition.

Features of the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack

Compatible yet roomy

The bag looks portable, so, some people would think it is not roomy. Well, this backpack has more than enough space to contain all the gears you need for an effective Jiu jitsu training every day.

Organized compartments

Every gear has a special place to stay in the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack; there is a unique belt pouch, G.I pocket, water bottle pouch, gadgets pockets, roomy compartments for your wears, etc. honestly, the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack is a full-featured special Jiu Jitsu gym bag for every martial arts trainer.

Heavy duty design

In addition, the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack is built with tough materials & hardwares for promising long-lasting use. It has a waterproof shiny body and the zippers are reliable


  • Separate pockets/compartments for every equipment or wear
  • Waterproof body design
  • Sweatproof dirty G.I compartment
  • Tough stitching


  • It may be too small for hardcore trainers
  • No separate shoe pouch available

2. UNK Martial Arts Gym Bag

The name alone has made the impression that this is a dedicated JiuJitsu gym bag. Yeah, this is a big size gym bag that is more than capable to contain all your daily training gears in its various compartments. It is a very tough bag with meshes almost all over the whole body so that your packed gears will not get wet but remain dry until the time of use. UNK Martial Arts Gym Bag has a unique shoe pouch design; instead of the usual pouch we do see on other gym bags, the design featured by this bag is spectacular. Just one color of the bag is available anyway, but it’s very cool in this color; hopefully, almost every JiuJitsu trainer would accept it this way.

Features of the bag

Unique separate shoe pouch

Totally different from what you often see as shoe pouches/compartments in order gym bag, the UNK Martial Arts Gym Bag comes with a unique shoe pocket separated from the other pockets. You won’t keep the pair together, rather, you would keep them separately in a distinct way. This shoe pouch can store any size of JiuJitsu shoes and it is covered with a mesh flap for full exposure to air to vent your dirty shoes after training.

Roomy compartment

The main compartment itself is very wide/spacious, it can contain everything at once without you jam-packing them to fit in; every gear would find a befitting space to fit in comfortably. Also, there are other several pockets all around the bag (exterior & interior), so, you have more space to hold up more stuff. All compartments/pockets on this bag are enclosed with strong zippers, the bag itself is totally permeable.


  • Large capacity JiuJitsu gym bag
  • Exceptional shoe pouch design
  • Strong quality & build
  • Effective mesh fabric on top to ventilate the whole bag
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  • Just one color available
  • The zippers look cheap

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3. Moonstar martial arts gym bag

Since your eyes are fixed on a budget, you’d have to consider this gym bag specifically made for Jiu Jitsu purpose. This gym bag is another though one that can be used by professionals or even beginners on a budget. It has a very big main compartment that can contain all you’ll ever need for an effective Jiu Jitsu training every day. Also, you can use this bag to pack your gears for similar Jiu Jitsu activities due to its dedicate martial arts design structure. Additionally, it features similar shoe compartment like the UNK martial arts gym bag above. The Moonstar martial arts gym bag is a top quality gym bag you can rely on for everyday Jiu Jitsu training.

Features of this bag

Large compartment

Even at the rear side of this bag, it features a wide, spacious compartment for packing more gears. However, the main compartment which features a U-shape zipper flap is very obviously very big to contain all your training gears conveniently. There are other compartments you would find on this bag which also helps to hold up more items separately for quick access to them when you need them. The unique shoe pocket adds more shades of beauty to the bag so that it appears attractive to other people.

Convenient carrying strap/handles

The carriage handles are padded to provide the carrier with great convenience while moving with the bag. Also, it has a detachable, padded shoulder strap for more carriage flexibility and styles.


  • It has an alternative red color variant
  • Big size Jiu Jitsu gym bag
  • Unique shoe pocket
  • Padded handle/straps


  • The bag looks cheaply made
  • Poor quality zippers

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Buying guide: How we picked the best Gym Bag for Jiu Jitsu on a budget

Here is a professional buyer’s guide you can follow to buy the best Gym Bag for Jiu Jitsu on a budget. This was how we picked the bags on this list, so, we believe it would help you too.

For the purpose

Since there are numerous gym bags available in different stores, you need to define the type you want. This is very important for getting the best. In this case, you’re shopping for the best Gym Bag for Jiu Jitsu on a budget, so it does not have to be just any gym bag. There are specific gym bags for Jiu Jitsu like the ones we have on this post; they are specifically made for this cause. When you have set your eyes on the actual purpose of the bag, then, you are sure to buy the best Jiu Jitsu gym bag on a budget.


Now that you’re working on a defined need/purpose, check for the compatibility of your next gym bag. This includes considering the size of the bag versus the number of gears you move along with on a daily basis. Some bags have extremely large storage capacity and for a trainer who doesn’t move with many gears, these large capacity gym bags would not be convenient to use. Instead, a simple backpack like the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack would be the best option.

Materials used

Of course, no one would prefer a cheaply made bag over a heavy-duty counterpart, especially when the price difference is just a stone throw. A professional/amateur Jiu Jitsu trainer needs the toughest gym bag for everyday training purpose. Therefore, with that said, your next gym bag for Jiu Jitsu on a budget should be built with quality materials. Thus, you can choose from these three on our list.


To quickly get the best martial arts gym bag, whenever you visit an online store to search for the bag, use the price filters to refine the search results so that you’ll be face to face with the best products within your budget price.

Read up reviews

Some people don’t like checking for reviews hence they often end with the wrong products or service. It is quite important to take note of what other people have to say about a particular gym bag. This will help you in picking the best unit. We also checked for user reviews and ratings before coming up with these 3 bags on our list today.

Our top pick?

We’d assertively recommend the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack as the best gym bag for Jiu Jitsu on a Budget. It is expressly compatible, plus, it can serve for other purposes asides Jiu jitsu or martial arts training. Also, the bag is very roomy; it has separate pockets for every Jiu Jitsu gear to fit in perfectly.

The other two bags are quite good for professionals who need to pack many gears when going for everyday training/practices.

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