The Top 5 Best Gym Bags for Bodybuilders in 2018-2019


For bodybuilders, they require heavy-duty gym bags with large capacities so that they can comfortably pack in all the equipment they need. The best gym bag for bodybuilders is usually rugged with a sturdy design. Therefore, in this article, we will be listing the top 5 best gym bags for bodybuilders. We have carefully selected these shoes as they are truly the best you can buy at this moment.

Best Gym Bags for Bodybuilders

1. NPUSA Men’s Gym Bag – Military Spec

This is a military spec gym bag built for everyday use and certain to last longer. It is a solid gym bag for bodybuilders because of its superior design. The bag features a lot of roomy compartments all over its body for storing pieces of gym equipment. It looks rugged in its design and has a large capacity.

The NPUSA Men’s Gym Bag for bodybuilders is made from a reliable material; 600D High-Density Polyester, mechanized for everyday use. Also, the interior of the bag features a waterproof PVC lining that resists water from gaining access into the bag. A lot of pockets and big capacity compartments are found on this bag; all of your gears will comfortably fit into the pockets. Sturdy buckles are used to guide some of the pockets for maximum durability.

You can use the either of the sides pockets as your she compartment; they are spacious and can comfortably house any type of shoes.

Features of the bag

Rugged material and build

The material used in manufacturing this bag is really tough and reliable. It has fortification against wear,  and water penetration into the bag.

Tons of useful pockets

All the pockets available on the bag are very useful for a bodybuilder. There are zippered pockets and clipped ones too. In all, you get up to 10 individual pockets to store up your gears for the gym.

Strong handles

Removable, adjustable shoulder strap with pad; main handle also has a wrap-around velcro strap for comfort grip.

Waterproof gym bag

NPUSA gym bag is waterproof. So, you can use them in any weather condition with full confidence and assurance that your gears are safe.


  • Rugged/sturdy design
  • Lots of useful pockets to store things
  • Heavy-duty handles/strap
  • Waterproof gym bag


  • Cheaply made with flimsy zippers

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2. Gold BJJ Backpack

Here’s a heavy duty backpack that can serve for various purposes. It is a tough training backpack that is made hardcore trainers including daily bodybuilders. Gold BJJ has made this bag to withstand rough usage and packed with useful pockets for storing basic gears. There are two colors of this bag available; black and grey, and they both look premium.

This gym bag is fully waterproofed with a sweatproof compartment for storing your sweaty clothes after practice. Built with heavy-duty materials, you will surely use this backpack forever without thinking of getting a new one except if you need a bigger bag.

A lot of bodybuilders love this bag due to its compatibility, tough build, and simplicity. Most interestingly, it is a lightweight backpack you can secure to your back using the adjustable straps and walk comfortably for the whole day. Dual side zippered pockets hold up water bottles for hydration purposes all day long.

Features of the bag

Compact design

This is a compatible gym bag that can be stored anywhere. It is not bulky even with there are dedicated pockets available all around the bag.

Roomy compartment

The main compartment is actually big enough to contain your clothes and other basic gears you need to be on the move. There are some interior pockets for storing valuables like wallet and keys while the exterior pockets can hold up larger gears for your (tablet devices).

Wet/dry pocket

You get a dedicated wet/dry pocket to keep off your wet gears after gym so it does not soak your dry gears in other pockets.


  • It features a compact design
  • Strong hardwares
  • Waterproof backpack
  • It comes with a dedicated wet/dry pouch
  • Dual, zippered water bottle pockets


  • The size is very small
  • Only two colors are available

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This is a premium and tough gym bag for everyday usage; it is built with exceptional materials and built to last longer. The SWISS RUIGOR MOTION 01 has big storage compartments to contain all your gears in one move. You’ll also gain access to many important pockets to store your stuffs comfortably. The bag looks premium in its design and the body material is very smooth, attractive to the eye.

You’ll enjoy maximum convenience carrying the Swiss Ruigor gym bag; its flexible are well padded for additional comfort while carrying the bag is different positions. Generally, the bag is built with water-repellent fabric and materials and a Smart Airflow System.  Also, it flaunts dual side pockets that can act as a shoe pouch and a wet/dry compartment simultaneously.

Furthermore, the pockets are enclosed with strong zippers to secure your gears even in rough conditions. Swiss Ruigor Motion 01 comes with four knobs attached to its base so the bag does not come with direct contact with the floors. This bag is best for everyday trainers and it is convenient for various types of activities including weekend travels.

Features of the bag

Premium design

The Ruigor gym bag looks premium in its sturdy design, the black color is well-polished. Every part of the bag appears in clear details.

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Useful pockets

There are zippered side pockets available on this bag which can serve for various uses. They are spacious enough to contain all your gears in one packing.

Padded straps

The twin top handles come with padding at the center for comfortable grip. Also, the shoulder strap can be removed if not needed, it is equally adjustable when in use and it is padded at the middle.


  • Water resistant gym bags
  • Multi-use side pockets
  • Strong and reliable zippers
  • Waterproof gym bag


  • Only one color available

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4. MIER Large Duffel Backpack

This bag comes with a unique design that most bodybuilder will love; it is oval-shaped with massive storage capacity. MIER sports duffel can serve as a convenient backpack or a typical duffel bag; it is designed with adjustable backpack straps which can be removed if not needed. Also, there is an adjustable/removable shoulder strap, plus, 4 sides soft haul handles for multiple carrying styles.

In addition, this bag packs quite a lot of multi-functional pockets which serve for various purposes. The bag is made from a heavy-duty water-resistant tarpaulin, reinforced with a double layer tear-resistant floor panel, built to withstand harsh/rough usage and features big sized compartments to all your gears in one move.

A ventilated shoe compartment is available to hold your dirty shoes after training and a toiletries/wet towels pocket too. The clips, buckles, and zippers of this bag appear to be strong and promising.

Features of the bag

Big size shoe compartment

The shoe compartment available on this gym bag can contain up to two pairs of shoe at a time. It is well-spaced and permeable.

Large capacity

Up to 90L space to pack all your gears for everyday training. Definitely, everything will get a place to sit comfortably for the whole day.

Adjustable sternum straps

The Adjustable sternum straps allow for further adjustment of this gym bag. It is a great feature which is not available in other gym bags.

Comfortable carrying styles

You can conveniently carry this bag is several styles; it all depends on how you wish to carry bag. The padded flexible straps are there to offer great comfort.


  • It is a great gym bag for multiple purposes
  • Big size capacity
  • Waterproof material
  • Provides maximum convenience


  • Only one color available

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5. Kopack Duffel Bag

This is a real tough back specifically made for heavy-duty trainers which bodybuilders happen to be among. The bag is made with tough, hardened materials and available in 3 solid colors; khaki, grey, and army green. With a capacity up to 50L, this duffel gym bag will be able to contain all your gears for everyday training.

Built with a stylish, crazy horse leather, high-density canvas, and bronzed hardwares, the Kopack Duffel Bag is well fortified against water penetration and will certainly never fail over long usage. The bag features quite a lot of pockets which you can utilize to pack in all your training kits, shoes, and important equipment.

There is a back pocket available on this gym bag for storing gadgets or other little things you may need for the day.

Features of the bag

Convenient shoe pouch

A waterproof and smell-proof shoe pocket fits up to 46 yards shoes; so you can keep your shoes aside from your clothes.

Multiple pockets

There are various pockets you will find on this gym bag and they can serve for multiple purposes. The pockets are big enough to contain your stuffs.

Tough material and hardwares

This bag is built with superior material that will never fail. Coupled with tough bronze hardwares (buckles, clips, and zippers) your gears are well-secured even on the rough usage of the bag.


  • Really a tough gym bag
  • Hardened hardwares
  • Multiple pockets
  • Side handles


  • No wet/dry pocket

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These are the best heavy-duty gym bags for bodybuilders. They are built for everyday use and to withstand any weather condition.

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