The Top 5 Best Gym Bags for Swimmers in 2018-2019


Swimmers need flexible gym bags which can contain their gears at once. However, these bags we have on this list can also serve for other exercises or sports activity rather than just swimming. They are of great quality and built to last. Most importantly, a gym bag for swimmers must have a wet pocket where you can store your wet swimsuits and towels after swimming. In all, the best gym bag for swimmers must be compatible so it can fit into any storage space.

Best Gym Bags for Swimmers

1. Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag

Up to 18 colors of the bag are available so you can choose your preferred color. The Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag is very light and portable; it is actually a backpack designed with 100% polyester material. The bag is very tough even though it looks simple.

This gym bag is perfect for swimmers because it is mechanized with open weave mesh for strength and speedy drying of your wet gears. Two shoulder straps help to secure the bag firmly on your back as you walk freely to anywhere.

There is an exterior zippered pocket for storing little pieces of stuff or valuables. Also, a small mesh pocket is attached to the zippered pocket for holding up some stuff. This gym bag is roomy enough to contain swim and gym basics. The mesh compartments will be valuable after exercise when you have air out your wet gears.

Features of the bag

Drawstring Closure

The main compartment is not zipped; it features a drawstring closure and holds on to your items together and secure inside the bag. This method of enclosing the bag is more flexible and reliable than zippers.

Shoulder Straps

There are two shoulder straps available on this swimming bag; they offer great comfort to the person carrying this bag. A small tiny handle stays on top of the bag for convenient carrying styles.

Big size capacity and Open Weave Mesh

This 33L swim bag will certainly contain all your swimming gears at once. It is designed with open weave mesh all over that allows air penetration into the bag which makes your wet gears dry quickly.


  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Roomy main compartment
  • Exterior zippered pocket
  • Draw-string closure


  • There is no separate wet or dry pouch
  • Multiple colors to choose from

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2. Gonex Swim Bag

The bag looks sleek and sturdy in its different colors. In addition, it packs a separate wet/dry compartment for storing wet gears after swimming; this compartment is spacious, so it can contain all your wet clothes. This wet pouch is made from a lucid EVA material, using voltage technology; it provides efficient water resistance.

Unlike the backpack above, this gym bag allows for different carrying modes; a removable, adjustable and center-padded shoulder strap allows for comfortable Crossfit carrying style. The twin webbing handles are available for quick and easy carrying of this bag to the pool or beach. We love the lightweight design of this bag, it is indeed a perfect pick for swimmers (beginners and professional).

Generally, the design of this gym bag is acceptable with the zippers stylishly curved. The friendly color combinations are also great. This gym bag has big capacity too; it can contain all your gears and is suitable for everyday use.

Features of the bag

Separate wet/dry pouch

You get a dedicated compartment to store your wet clothes (swimsuits). This compartment has enough space to contain all your wet clothes or shoes.

Comfortable carrying

One of the main features of this bag is the detachable shoulder strap, it allows for customization of the bag. The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable, providing great convenience while carrying the bad.

Worthy design and build

The design of this gym bag is sturdy (looks great). It is made from a high-grade polyester fabric which is sure to last long.


  • Separate wet/dry compartment
  • Various color variants
  • Decent-looking design with nice zippers structure
  • Big capacity
  • Lightweight design
  • Best price


  • The zippers are made from a cheap material

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3. MINGCHEN Hit Color Swim Bag

Designed with a unique concept, the MINGCHEN Hit Color Swim Bag is the best gym bag for swimmers. There are many reasons why most swimmers will pick this bag over the other. Everyday swimmers can rely on this bag; it is built to serve effectively for everyday use while it lasts forever. Tough materials and hardwares were used on this gym bag; so, it can survive in any condition.

The body material is water and tear resistant which makes it a perfect gym bag for all swimmers. MINGCHEN Hit Color Swim Bag has a large capacity to contain all your gears at once and it quite lightweight. There is a convenient, spacious wet/dry pocket for keeping off wet gears after exercise or competition.

An exterior shoe compartment is also available to store your used shoes so it does not dirty your neat gears in the main pouch. Also, there is an adjustable shoulder strap featured by this bag; the strap can be removed by the owner.

Features of the bag

Separate shoe pouch

A separate shoe pouch keeps your shoes in place while other gears are conveniently packed in the main compartment

Waterproof gym bag
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This gym bag is fully waterproof; it is affected by water splash or raindrop which is the more reason why it is a perfect gym bag for all swimmers.

Wet/dry compartment

The best gym bag for a swimmer must feature this compartment because swimmers need a pouch to store their wet gears after practice or competition.

Different carrying styles

You can decide to carry this gym bag using the top handles or carry it as a Crossfit gym bag using the adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Dedicated compartments
  • Large capacity
  • Waterproof body material
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Strong zippers secure the compartments


  • The handles and straps have no padding

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4. Speedo Ventilator Duffle Bag

This is a premium duffle gym bag built to last over daily usage by sportsmen and women. It is the top choice of many professional swimmers who practice every day. Most importantly, the Speedo Ventilator Duffle Bag does not only serve for swimming, but it can also be used for weekend travels and other outings because of its large capacity.

The Speedo Ventilator Duffle Bag has a lot to offer; it provides you with a separate compartment for your wet gears and another for your shoes. It is built from hydrophobic and high-abrasion mesh materials and reproves what a training bag is all about. All the body is designed with open weave mesh for quick drying of your gears and maximum durability of the bag.

Webbing top handle offers comfortable grip of the bag while moving from one place to the other. You could use the flexible shoulder straps anyways. Furthermore, this bag’s primary zippers are tough YKK zippers (highest grade).

Features of the bag

YKK zippers

Highest grade YKK zippers ensure all your gears are safe inside the bag. They are the toughest class of zippers used for gym bags.

Reliable materials

All material used on this gym bag is reliable and add up to improve the durability of this bag; Hydrophobic and high-abrasion mesh materials.

Stylish design

Speedo made this bag to be very stylish and fashionable so that everyone who sees the bag will be attracted to it.


  • Stylish design
  • Strong zippers
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Side pockets


  • Only two colors are available

5. Elite Sports Warrior

A gym duffel bag that can be easily converted to a simple backpack. This classic bag is suitable for various purposes, the superior body builds coupled with tough hardwares are just the perfect combination. Elite Sports Warrior Gym bag will last over a very long time even when used on a daily basis.

It features an external shoe compartment which also serves as a wet pocket for keeping out wet towels after practice. The Elite Sports warrior Gym bag is compatible and available in multiple colors. Its primary compartment is spacious enough to contain all your gears.

This bag is made from a heavy-duty Cordura material which is a high-grade ballistic, 1200 Denier. The bag will certainly last long even when used roughly.

Features of the bag

Retractable shoulder straps

The convenient telescopic shoulder straps help to transform your gym bag into a backpack for everyday use.

Strong body build

It is made from high-quality mesh and heavy-duty Cordura with tough stitching and heavy-duty zippers. The bag is built to resist wear and tear.

Separate shoe pocket

There is a spacious shoe compartment to store your shoes or other wet gears. It is at the exterior part of this bag.


  • Reliable zippers
  • Multiple pockets/compartments for storing everything
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Backpack convertible
  • More than 4 colors available


  • The bag quality is cheap

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These are the top best gym bags for swimmers which would definitely last longer and offer great value for their prices.


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