The Top 5 Best Waist Trainer Post Pregnancy


Did you just give birth to a new baby and now looking for the best waist trainer to use after pregnancy? This article is mainly for mothers, in particular, the topic even tells the story. Here are quick, short, but elaborative reviews on the top 5 best waist trainer for post-pregnancy use. These waist trainers or girdles as some may refer to it are shapewear that helps to build back your silhouette after childbirth. They are built to provide great convenience to nursing mothers and available in different designs. All of the post-pregnancy waist trainers we’ll be listing here are of premium quality and yet do cost much.The top 5 best waist trainer post pregnancy

The top 5 best waist trainer post pregnancy

1. UpSpring Shrinkx Belly Waist Trainer

This post-pregnancy waist trainer will cause you to recover quickly, even if you had a cesarean birth. It features bamboo charcoal fiber technology which increases naturally circulation through your body and improves metabolism. With highly streamline technologies, the UpSpring post pregnancy band reduces after pregnancy belly swelling with unique postpartum belt design.

Also, it supports prime abdominal muscles and helps the uterus to come back to its original size. The band is much flexible, adjustable, moisture-repellent and antibacterial. One of the best features of this band is that it totally hides under your clothes.


  • Combines bamboo charcoal fiber technology
  • Therapeutic properties increase blood flow in the body
  • Adjustable compression that eliminates excess fluids from the body


  • Suitable for c-sec delivery and non-c-sec delivery
  • Easy to wear
  • Fits perfectly as an under clothing
  • Premium design
  • Provides great convenience


  • Only two sizes available
  • No color variant, just black

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2. VGRISE Postpartum Belly Wrap

Built with 100% cotton material, this post pregnancy belly wrap is soft and comfortable to wear at any time. It is made from a breathable medical grade fabric that would not irritate your soft skin or incision spot. This belly wrap comes with 2 adjustable segments; you can conveniently adjust the length of each segment to fit your abdominal curve and the waist.

Also, the VGRISE Postpartum Belly Wrap provides back Support and improves posture. The 3 fishbone design featured at the back provides core muscles support to keep you in good posture. You’ll likely recover speedily using this belly band and it is quite affordable.


  • Two adjustable segments
  • 100% cotton, breathable material
  • 3 fishbone design provides core muscles support


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Different sizes available
  • Best price
  • Medical grade fabric


  • Only two colors available

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3. Eleady Womens Waist Trainer Corset Vest

This is a cheap post-pregnancy waist trainer vest for mothers. It is much flexible and provides maximum convenience to the lady wearing it. You’ll have to choose from the available, different sizes the perfect fit for your waist. The vest comes with 4 rows of clasps closure for high-precision fit and is designed with 80% rayon and 20% spandex material, this vest is easy to wear or take off. You could even wash this waist trainer using a machine (with mild soap and tumble dry low). Note: do not try to bleach or iron the vest so it does not lose its functions.

The 2 shoulder straps are flexible so the vest pushes your breast up to provide great support for your chest. This sturdy skin-friendly shapewear is best for you to use and regain your hourglass silhouette or build up a natural nice shape.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Made with breathable material
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Hook & Eye closure
  • Premium design that catches the eye


  • Fit to wear as an under clothing
  • Different sizes to make a perfect choice
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Best price


  • Only 2 dull colors available

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4. Leonisa Women’s Slimming Braless Body Shaper

This is a premium body shaper that will help to maintain your sweet shape after pregnancy. It is the best neoprene sauna waist trainer vest. The design is sexy and it is available in sweet, attractive colors that every mother would love. Being built with 82% of Polyamide material and 18% Elastane, you can hand wash this body shaper.

It works perfectly for reducing the tummy, maintaining a well-shaped waist and figure. Also, it is designed to provide excellent back support since it covers your whole back. Furthermore, this shapewear fits perfectly as an under cloth that eliminates annoying bulge.


  • The outer layer is designed with a PowerSlim durable material
  • Interior is made with an ultra-light DuraFit fabric
  • Braless shapewear


  • Premium design
  • 3 colors available
  • Provides all-day freshness and comfort


  • It is very expensive

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5. Healthcom Wasit Belt

If you are looking for a girdle that delivers an excellent back support while correcting your posture, then, you should consider this one there are 3 different sizes to pick from (small, medium, and large). The Healthcom Recovery Support Belt features an adjustable closure for easy wearing and taking off. It is a special postpartum belt that is helpful after c-sec birth.

The material is a lightweight and breathable material that provides great comfort for your skin.  Also, the velcro keeps your belly secured and eliminates bulge; it can be conveniently stretched to fit the natural curves of your body.

Furthermore, the Healthcom Postnatal Pregnancy Belt is recommendable for any aerobic exercise or weight reduction program.


  • Dual velcro straps
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Waist support


  • Good concept
  • Different Sizes
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Best price


  • Only one color is available


These are the top 5 best waist trainer post pregnancy you can buy with full confidence. They are well built to provide you with maximum comfort and build back your silhouette. Most interestingly, they are budget-friendly and fashionable.


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How to choose the best waist trainer to use after pregnancy?

To some extent, you’d want to shop for the best waist trainer to use after pregnancy based on your personal opinion and preferences but, we’d also want to give you some tips so you would buy the very best.

How comfortable does it feel like an under cloth: At this time, for a woman who just gave birth, she requires all the comfort someone can ever need. Therefore, a cozy waist trainer would be a perfect choice. The best waist trainer to use after pregnancy shouldn’t be bulgy or buggy. It should be light and not be noticed when worn as an under clothing. Therefore, your next or soon-to-be postpartum waist trainer should be “something light”. Thick waist trainers are noticeable when you wear them as under clothing and passersby or neighbors may that you’re putting on a girdle. That could be embarrassing you know?

What type of closure does it have: There are post-pregnancy waist trainers that come with velcro straps, some with zipper closure, corset style, etc. Depending on your preference, you could choose anyone that appears it would offer great convenience to you when you put in on.

What is the girdle made of: Is the girdle/waist trainer made of latex, cotton, or nylon? Is the material breathable? When you’ve found answers to these questions, you’re most likely to end up with the best post pregnancy waist trainer. Finally, it is advisable to read other people’s reviews and seek recommendations from articles like this one if you truly want the best.

When to start the best waist trainer after pregnancy?

Certainly, not all women give birth to their baby normally; some deliver through a cesarean section. If you are an addicted/professional fitness trainer that wouldn’t want to lose her balance or shape, you need to inquire of your doctor when is the best time to begin wearing post pregnancy waist trainers. However, if you delivered normally, there may be no need seeking medical guidance before wearing a post-pregnancy girdle. But for C-sec mothers, you have to allow the scar to heal before opting for a girdle or follow your doctor’s advice. We listed some post-pregnancy waist trainers that are suitable for c-sec mothers anyways.

How long can one post-pregnancy waist trainers?

Within 4 – 6 months you should have gotten back to your normal shape and can decide to start using normal waist trainers which provide more compression and support. You shouldn’t be quick in dropping your post-pregnancy waist trainer; it is advisable to put it on until you are fully recovered, then, you can take it off and go for standard waist trimmer.

What is the best waist trainer after pregnancy?

While there are so many post-pregnancy waist trainers available in the market, there are some that are worthy. In this article, we have listed 5 different waist trainers among which the UpSpring Shrinkx Belly post-pregnancy waist trainer is our top pick. It is a comfortable waist trainer that helps to reduce post pregnancy bloating and swelling of the belly. Built with unique a postpartum belt and is specially designed for women you just gave birth. Also, it can work as a C-sec recovery belly band and most mothers love it for this.

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