The Top 5 Best Waist Trainers for Long Torso Reviewed


You are reading this post because you are probably searching for the best waist trainer for a long torso. Anyways, in this article, we have presented the best long torso waist trainers that provide great comfort to anyone wearing them. They are premium waist trainers specially designed for ladies who seek to have an hourglass silhouette or core fitness trainers who care much about having a flat/firm tummy.

Whatever the case may be, these long torso waist trainers are perfect for weight loss and building a perfect shape.

The Top 5 best waist trainer for long torso

1. Camellias Double Steel Boned Waist Training Corset

It is our top choice and a top-rated waist training corset on Amazon. The Camellias Double Steel Boned Waist Training Corset flaunts a premium body appearance and provided great comfort to the wearer. Since it has various sizes available, every lady would definitely find her perfect fit. This corset hugs very tight around the torso area and it is designed to match a variety of your daily outfits.

Also, this waist training corset is designed with double steel bones for effective waist training; a beneficial waist trainer that gives you a slim figure. With the help of the steel bones, this shapewear provides great support for lumbar, middle and lower back. Plus, it also helps to correct posture. It is a top-notch body shaper top with busk closure design at the front and lace-up back design.

Interestingly, when the corset seems to be dirty, you could hand wash it separately in lukewarm water and the manufacturer offers warranty support for this product.


  • 22 double steel bones for effectual waist training exercises
  • Lumbar and convenient back Support
  • Busk closure


  • Lace-up back design allows for various compression levels
  • Hourglass shape design
  • It can be hand washed
  • Provides great comfort
  • Different sizes available


  • Available in one color
  • High price

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2. YIANNA Latex Sports Waist Trainer Long Torso

Available in multiple sizes and different colors, the YIANNA Latex Sports Waist Trainer Long Torso is a great choice for women. This Latex Long Torso Waist Trainer is specially made for women with long torso; the front closure length is about 14” (35cm) and the rear length is 12.3” (31cm). The outer layer is made from natural latex material and it features up to 7 spiral steel. Irrespective of how hard you train or workout, this corset with stay put and provides you with great comfort.

High compression latex build reduces your waist 3-5 inches when you wear it. This waist trainer is designed with 3 adjustable hook-and-eye closures for maximum flexibility. You can comfortably wear this shapewear every day and it matches a variety of your daily clothes and dresses. Also, this is an effective weight loss corset that will trim down your shape within the shortest time frame.


  • 3 adjustable hook-and-eye closures
  • High compression natural latex material
  • 7 spiral steel bones
  • Long torso women waist trainer


  • There are various sizes to choose from
  • Flexible material
  • Comfortable to wear every day
  • A firm grip around the torso


  • The quality is not so good

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3. BIGFeng Women’s Latex Waist Trainer Corset

Best for ladies who want to lose weight quickly. This waist trainer corset is designed from a 100% latex material and features up to 9 spiral steel bones; it is a fast tummy fat burner that will deliver your desired result in no distant time.

This corset will provide you with more stiffness and keep you in the best posture at all times. It’s very flexible and durable, very soft as plastic bones, and recovers quickly after you bend your body. 3 rows of Hook-and-eye secure this shapewear to your body and ensures it does not slip at any time. These hook & eye closures deliver long-lasting waist-cinching effect and still works perfectly when you eventually start losing weight. Due to the high compression around your waist, this corset reduces your waistline by more than 3 inches to give you an hourglass figure.


  • It comes with 9 pcs of spiral steel bones
  • 3 rows of Hook-and-eye closure
  • Hourglass shape build


  • Up to 7 different sizes available
  • Provides high compression around the waist region
  • Back support
  • Sturdy design


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  • Only one color available

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4. Camellias Women Long Torso Columbian Waist Trainer

One of the most interesting features of this waist trainer is that it boosts thermogenic activities and gently lifts your underbust, delivering total tummy control immediately you put it on. It is built with two layers of latex fabric and offers amiable proficiencies for waist training, trimming, and weight loss activities. It is enclosed with three (3) rows of hook-and-eye claps to ensure a tight fit around your body, so as to achieve an effectual result.

Up to 9 pcs of spiral steel bones run through this shapewear, to provide the wearer with more stiffness and good posture. However, it is very flexible and durable; you could use it forever. This corset is made for all women; there are various sizes available to choose from.

Also, this could serve as a post-pregnancy waist trainer for quick recovery and building you’re your silhouette. Due to the elastic band design, this Columbian latex waist cincher trimmer can be bent/ attuned from low compression to high compression or vice versa.


  • 9 pcs of spiral steel bones
  • Hook-and-eye closure claps
  • Made from natural latex fabric
  • It boosts thermogenic activities and gently lifts your underbust


  • More than 9 different sizes available
  • Adjustable and cozy fit
  • Provides back support
  • Hourglass Shape


  • Only two colors are available

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5. Luxx Health Waist Trainer

Finally, this will be the last on our list for today. The Luxx Health Waist Trainer is a premium waist trainer for weight loss. It is quite expensive but packs a lot of great features which made it worthy of the price. This waist shaper will help every woman shed stubborn belly fat and lose weight speedily. Also, the Luxx Health waist shaper is perfect for plus size women and postpartum moms. It will help you develop an hourglass silhouette and provides great comfort to anyone wearing it.


  • Flexible hourglass figure design
  • 3 layers of materials
  • 9 flex-steel bones for good posture and reduced back pain


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Perfect for weight loss and waist trimming
  • Flexible and cozy
  • Stays put at all times


  • Very expensive price

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How to choose the best waist trainer for long torso?

Not everyone has a long torso. You need to measure your torso from under your burst. This way, you’ll be able to get the exact measurement of your torso and go with it.

Material build

There is a need to check out the material a waist trainer is made with. Most of them are made with neoprene materials which are safe and good for the body. However, due to the various body types we all have, you may need a waist trainer made with another material other than just neoprene.

Closure type:

You may also have to consider the enclosure type; zippered closure, hook and eye closure, or other types of closure. How your waist trainer is enclosed will determine how easy and comfortable it will be to wear it on or take it off. Most ladies prefer hook and eye closure and zippers – they are good.

Reviews and recommendation

One of the surest ways to buy the best long torso waist trainer is by following expert recommendations and reading up other customers reviews. This way, you will know how effective a waist trainer is and see if it will be best for your usage. That is why articles like this one are being created to show you the most reliable waist trainers that will offer great value for your money spent.

How long should you wear a waist trainer for best results?

Actually, we do not think you should ever stop wearing waist trainers; if you feel comfortable wearing a waist trainer, then, you could keep wearing it every day as it lasts. However, if you’re curious to know how long it takes to get the best results while putting on a waist trainer, then, we’re going to tell you.

If you put on a waist trainer all the time you workout or perform aerobic exercises, it is likely that you’ll start seeing the results immediately. With that said, you can obtain the best results within 8 – 10 days. But for plus size persons, it may take longer time based on your commitment.

What is the best waist trainer for long torso to use?

Here, there are 5 waist trainers listed out and they are all good for the purpose. Nevertheless, we have streamlined our top choice to be the Camellias Double Steel Boned Waist Training Corset. This shapewear looks premium and available in various sizes. Even plus size ladies can find a perfect size to buy and start losing weight immediately. It provides high compression around the whole torso area and assures of an hourglass figure. The Camellias Double Steel Boned Waist Training Corset is only available in black color and can be actually hand-washed in lukewarm water.

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